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Obut gift box

The perfect gift box for your friends and family!

Pack your order in the OBUT gift box
Dimensions: L: 253 x W: 168 x H: 91 mm

In stock


• Gift box with magnetic closure and reinforced sides.
• 100% made in France.
• Decoration printed with plant-based inks with the Imprim'vert eco-label.
• Dimensions 253 x 168 x 91 mm.

The gift box is supplied assembled, but you can unfold it to store it flat.
To finally assembly the box, all you have to do is remove the four stickers in the corners.
The box is packed without plastic bags or foam by our supplier.
To ensure the box is not damaged before it is delivered, any other Obut products will be arranged outside the box.

The products below cannot be placed in a gift box:

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• Gilet capuche
• Basic X13 0 noire
• Sweat corporate noir
• Sneaker X13 0
• Tapis cible tir Obut
• Tapis tir de précision
• Gabarit pour tir de précision
• Compteur et support de point mural
• Cercle de pétanque rigide
• Lot de cercles rigides ou pliants
• Tableau déco fanny
• Chilienne
• Mallette pétanque
• Sac reporter 3 et 6 boules
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