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Boule lifter magnet

Comes with a black jack designed to be lifted by

Length: 90cm
Materials: metal, magnet, polyester strap

In stock


• With an easy, smooth gesture, you can pick up your boules after every "mène".
• The “Glaneur” boule lifter is an ideal playing accessory, which is very convenient for playing your game.
• With its unique system, boules and certain jacks can be picked up by magnet.
• Fitted onto your belt or trousers by its clip, the boule lifter is discreet with the magnet part folded back onto the clip.
• The magnetizing system and the ergonomic design of the bottom part provide ideal grip that adapts to all diameters of boules.
• The brand's signature strap makes the device easier to hold and use.


Can be used for all competition boules, including stainless steel ones.
Not suitable for the Leisure range of stainless steel boules.