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Maintenance product

Regular maintenance for long life!

Product to be used on stainless steel and carbon steel boules

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• Developed exclusively by OBUT for cleaning and maintaining its complete range of pétanque boules (to prevent them rusting).Chiffonnette essuie-boule Obut pour la pétanque
• This product is to be applied after every game, and at least once every month if they are not used, on Sport & Leisure boules and competition boules.
• You must always maintain your set of boules, whether they are in stainless steel or carbon steel.

Advice for storing boules after maintenance: they must be stored in a dry place to avoid condensation (e.g., not in a car boot).

Advice for use: spray a little of the product on the boules and wipe with an OBUT small wiping cloth.

• Not dangerous for people or for the environment.
• Comes with a small microfibre cloth for wiping boules.
• Contents: 50 ml spray.
• Product ready for use.

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