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The Obut 531

Become a pointing ace!

This enjoyable game will also help you hone your precision skills:
3 marker circles
1 pointing target

A new product invented in the OBUT workshops
Made in France

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• Are you looking for a pastime to share with friends or family, or just a way to practise on your own? The Obut 531 is just what you need!
• This enjoyable petanque game enables you to perfect your aim while having fun.
• You can vary the levels of difficulty by changing the distances and/or altering the order of the markers.

Ready for a challenge?

The set contains:

• 3 marker circles
Microflex 310, closed cell, cross-linked, microcellular co-polymer EVA foam, density 310 kg/m3, colour ruby red, thickness 3 mm.

1 outer diameter 530 mm, inner 470 mm
1 outer diameter 470 mm, inner 410 mm
1 outer diameter 410 mm, inner 350 mm

• 1 pointing target
Microflex 125, closed cell, cross-linked, microcellular co-polymer EVA foam, density 125 kg/m3, colour black, thickness 4 mm

Dimensions: 1000 mm

Download the rules of the game

Download the score grid

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