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The Obut 531

Become a pointing ace!

This enjoyable game will also help you hone your precision skills:
3 marker circles
1 pointing target

A new product invented in the OBUT workshops
Made in France

The 531 will be delivered to you folded and in a package. You will need to place it flat on the ground, and add weight to it for a few days so it can regain its original shape.
You can also nail it to the floor.


We then recommend that you store your 531 flat to avoid distortion.

In stock


• Are you looking for a pastime to share with friends or family, or just a way to practise on your own? The Obut 531 is just what you need!
• This enjoyable petanque game enables you to perfect your aim while having fun.
• You can vary the levels of difficulty by changing the distances and/or altering the order of the markers.

Ready for a challenge?

The set contains:

• 3 marker circles
Microflex 310, closed cell, cross-linked, microcellular co-polymer EVA foam, density 310 kg/m3, colour ruby red, thickness 3 mm.

1 outer diameter 530 mm, inner 470 mm
1 outer diameter 470 mm, inner 410 mm
1 outer diameter 410 mm, inner 350 mm

• 1 pointing target
Microflex 125, closed cell, cross-linked, microcellular co-polymer EVA foam, density 125 kg/m3, colour black, thickness 4 mm

Dimensions: 1000 mm

Download the rules of the game

Download the score grid