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The enthusiast's choice
Set of 3 boules
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Hardness Half-soft
Steel Solid stainless steel
Appearance Natural stainless steel satin
Balance higher than FIPJP* requirement
Balance compliant with FIPJP* requirement
*Fédération Internationale de Pétanque et Jeu Provençal
  • Garantie 3 ans
  • Label d'homologation en competition


• Top range for demanding players.
• Bounce suits all playing styles and all types of ground.
• Low levels of surface marking.
• “Soft” feel of stainless steel.

• Ready-to-petanque kit: 3-boule set, one jack, a bag and a warranty card.

• Supplied in a cardboard box, so that you can choose your own pouch.
Dimensions 84 x 89 x 248 mm.


Boules made in St-Bonnet-Le-Château, France, in keeping with sustainable development, ecological design and protection of the environment

FIPJP Approval for use in competition

Boules Homologuées par la FIPJP

  • Easy terrain
    Easy terrain


• Hardness greater than 115 kg/mm².
• Solid stainless steel, hardened and tempered.
• Excellent controlled balance.
• Finish : natural stainless steel satin.
• Solid stainless steel : only requires occasional maintenance.



• When it is made available to the consumer, la Obut pétanque boule MATCH IT has a natural stainless steel satin finish.



• Depending on whether or not it is used intensively, on the nature of the playing surfaces, and on the ambient moisture or humidity, etc., the MATCH IT may need maintenance after every game, and at least once every month if it is not used.
• We recommend the Obut maintenance product.