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New technology anti-rebound carbon
Set of 3 boules
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Hardness Impact absorber
Steel New technology carbon alloy steel
Appearance Black satin on soft shotblasted steel
Balance higher than FIPJP* requirement
Balance compliant with FIPJP* requirement
*Fédération Internationale de Pétanque et Jeu Provençal
  • Garantie 3 ans
  • Label d'homologation en competition


• Entirely conceived for the modern game and for performance, the RCC (Rebond Contrôlé Carbone / Carbon Controlled Rebound) boule, the second of the new generation of OBUT top-range competition boules,

is a concentrate of all new metallurgical technologies. With this boule, OBUT uses a new carbon steel and adapts a new manufacturing concept specific to the pétanque boule.

• The RCC boule has an incomparable capacity for absorbing impact, particularly on very hard ground when playing a high-lobbed shot, and minimal rebound when playing a "plein fer" direct hit stun shot. Its new carbon alloy steel and its very advanced new treatment process give it three additional properties that win the unanimous support of pétanque champions:

  • “it falls well when you do a head-on stun shot”
  • “it remains pleasant to touch”
  • “it keeps its ‘anti-rebound/anti-bounce’ properties for a long time, even when used intensively”

• After being initially surprising, this boule brings out the best in attacking play on difficult ground (high lobs and "plein fer" direct hit stun shots) by good pétanque players.

• RCC is the new Obut carbon boule for a perfectly dropped shot, with controlled bounce and limited wear!

• Ready-to-petanque kit: 3-boule set, one jack, a bag and a warranty card.
• Supplied in a cardboard box, so that you can choose your own pouch. Dimensions 84 x 89 x 248 mm.

• Boules made in St-Bonnet-Le-Château, France, in keeping with sustainable development, ecological design and protection of the environment.

FIPJP Approval for use in competition

  • High lobber
    High lobber
  • Difficult terrain
    Difficult terrain
  • On-the-iron-shooter


• Incomparable performance for experienced pointers and shooters. With the new treatment process, it is “still pleasant feeling” while having “increased long life” even when it is used intensively on rough, corrosive terrain.
• New technology carbon alloy steel.
• Excellent controlled balance.
• Finish: satin black on soft shot-peening,  which normally wears a little away, gradually with use.
• Carbon steel : requires regular maintenance with oil to prevent rust.



• When it is made available to the consumer, the Obut RCC pétanque boule is covered in a black coating.
• In response to requests by proficient players, the black finish wears off very quickly after playing the first games.



• Due to the technology used in its production, the RCC boule tends to rust quickly - which is highly appreciated by some players who like to have a feeling of good grip in the hand.
• Therefore it may need maintenance after every game, and at least once every month if it is not used.

• For this purpose, we recommend the Obut maintenance product.