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How can you avoid oxidation on your petanque boules?


Take regular care of your petanque boules to maintain their performance!


Both leisure and competition boules made of stainless steel or carbon steel are susceptible to oxidation.


To ensure your faithful buddies accompany you throughout your boule playing life, all you have to do is take a few precautions and give them some regular care.


Our advice to keep your steel boules in pristine condition


Keep safe, keep dry! Your MATCH, SOLEIL, ATX, CX COU, RCC or TON’R boules may be shot or pointed, but never pitted!


First tip: keep your petanque boules in a dry place, indoors. Avoid leaving them in your car boot for long periods and spare them the sharp variations in temperature that create condensation and can lead to oxidation.


A product to protect your petanque boules against oxidation


Obut for optimum care! Second tip: even if they are kept in good conditions, you should use a special product to care for your boules, especially if you do not use them very often.


Apply Obut's special product for stainless and carbon steel petanque boules once a month. Just spray it on and wipe with the special Obut microfibre cloth provided with it. It deposits a protective film over your petanque boules which keeps the metal glossy and in perfect condition.


Making it a real pleasure to look after your boules!

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