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Play petanque indoors with Obut All-Terrain boules


Do you dream of playing petanque with your friends, but you don't have a place outside where you can play? Have fun playing indoor petanque, when and wherever you want - and entirely safely. 

With our Obut All-Terrain ready-to-petanque kit you can have fun playing petanque with friends and family all year round, in total safety, on any kind of floor in your house or flat.

Now you can play petanque in your own living room with no risk to the floor or furniture. 

These petanque boules can also be used outdoors, on soft ground such as a lawn or sand to ensure the boules and jack last as long as possible.

These petanque boules are designed for those who want to play petanque indoors or those looking for a fun new take on the game. Try out your master stokes and challenge friends or family! Hours of entertainment guaranteed! Stress-free petanque! 

Product made in France. 


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