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Our unique know-how

At Obut, no question of moving production abroad.

Based in Saint-Bonnet-le-Château in the Loire en France, for 4 generations the family firm has been a place of effervescence where 6 metal working trades come together.  We are proud of our French know-how.

Innovation serving French know-how.

Since the invention of the first Obut petanque boule in 1955, the firm has never stopped innovating. 
We have also succeeded in keeping the company in France. All our competition and leisure petanque boules are made right here in our factory in Saint-Bonnet-le-Château.
It is a formidable challenge to try and keep up with the later consumer trends, such as the personalisation of petanque boules and bags, for example.

We are prouder than ever to assert our identity, which is part of the national heritage.

And we have benefited from the EPV (Living Heritage Company) mark of distinction since 2012

A passion for a job well done, the determination to remain Made in France, all these efforts have paid off since we have enjoyed the distinction of being an EPV (Living Heritage Company) since 2012.

The goal of 100% French made goods also extends to our range of bags and petanque accessories, since 90% of them are made within less than 100 km of our OBUT factory.

"Protecting jobs, maintaining local production serving the well-being of all and perpetuating the OBUT brand are the objectives I have set myself," Romain Souvignet, director of OBUT, likes to say.