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For budding champions

Set of 3 boules
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Set of 3 boules
Hardness Half-soft
Steel Carbon steel
Appearance Black satin
Balance higher than FIPJP* requirement
Balance compliant with FIPJP* requirement
*Fédération Internationale de Pétanque et Jeu Provençal
  • Garantie 3 ans
  • Label d'homologation en competition


• One single diameter: 65mm, one single weight: 600 g. <
• Boule designed specially for "junior” competitions.
• Ideal for players of 11 years and less to start playing in competitions.
• Boule complies with modification of the official regulations of the game of Pétanque in application from 01.01.2007.

• Ready-to-petanque kit: 3-boule set, one jack, a bag and a warranty card.
• Supplied in a cardboard box, so that you can choose your own pouch.
Dimensions 84 x 89 x 248 mm.

Boules made in St-Bonnet-Le-Château, France, in keeping with sustainable development, ecological design and protection of the environment

FIPJP Approval for use in competition

Boules Homologuées par la FIPJP

  • Pointer
  • Easy terrain
    Easy terrain
  • Shooter


• Hardness greater than 140 kg/mm².
• Carbon steel.
• Very good controlled balance.
• Finish : Black satin.
• Carbon steel with anti-corrosion coating: requires regular maintenance with oil to prevent rust.



• When it is made available to the consumer, the Obut MATCH MINIMES pétanque boule is covered in a black satin coating.
• Gradually, as the boule is used and rubs against the ground, this coating gets scratched, becomes thinner or disappears completely, leaving the unfinished steel showing.



• The MATCH MINIMES, in carbon steel, needs maintenance after every game, and at least once every month if it is not used.
• We recommend the Obut maintenance product.