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Obut Superinox

Its softness is its strength!
Set of 3 boules
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Hardness Half-soft
Steel Honed stainless steel
Appearance Natural stainless steel satin
Balance higher than FIPJP* requirement
Balance compliant with FIPJP* requirement
*Fédération Internationale de Pétanque et Jeu Provençal
  • Garantie 3 ans
  • Label d'homologation en competition


• Stainless steel boules with an exceptionally soft touch.Ready-to-petanque kit (3-boule set, one jack and a bag).
• Good release of the boule.
• Limited bounce for controlled shots.
• Limited marking on the surface.
• Longer lasting.

• Ready-to-petanque kit containing a set of 3 OBUT Superinox 0-grade striated boules, an OBUT-engraved jack, a temporary bag for your boules leaving you free to choose a permanent pouch, warranty card.

• Supplied in a special cardboard box. Dimensions 84 x 89 x 248 mm.

Boules made in St-Bonnet-Le-Château, France, in keeping with sustainable development, ecological design and protection of the environment

FIPJP Approval for use in competition

Boules Homologuées par la FIPJP

  • Pointer
  • Hard terrain
    Hard terrain
  • Shooter


• Hardness over 115 kg/mm².
• Solid stainless steel, honed, quenched and tempered.
• Excellent controlled balance.
• Natural stainless steel satin finish.
• Solid stainless steel requires minimal, occasional care.



• When supplied to the consumer, the OBUT SUPERINOX 0-grade striated petanque boule has a natural stainless steel satin finish.


• Depending on whether or not it is used intensively, on the nature of the playing surfaces, and on the ambient moisture or humidity, etc., the Obut SUPERINOX 0-grade striated competition boule may show some slight traces of superficial oxidation.

We recommend the Obut maintenance product.