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Obut: A human adventure above all else


People with different, but complementary profiles, experienced employees and new recruits, all with one shared objective, to prolong the adventure of the Obut brand.

A Research & Development team

Our Research & Development team develops the exceptional products of the future to meet the expectations of the most demanding of players.

Experienced technicians

Experienced technicians with different trades work in our production workshop - forging, welding, machining, polishing, heat treatment, surface treatment - all working to produce an irreproachable end product.

Specialists in personalising Obut products

We are known for our know-how in manufacturing petanque boules, but also and no less for our ability to personalise our products.

A shipping team

Our Shipping department meticulously prepares your packages and, thanks to an unparalleled stock, guarantees your deliveries in record time.

A customer relations team

Our Customer Relations team, all specialists in petanque, are here to answer all your queries quickly and precisely, whatever means of communication you use to submit them.

Employees with specialist knowledge about petanque who run our Obut shops

At St-Bonnet-le-Château, right at the heart of the only site where petanque boules are made, you can take advantage of Christelle and Alain's Obut expertise to choose your petanque gear. 

Hugo is on hand in Vallauris to provide all the advice you need to choose the right product for you.

In Paris, take advantage of Arnaud's expert advice over a free coffee.

All year round, our experienced staff (Annick, Marc and Stéphane) come out to help you pep up your sports events and give advice to competitors.

Trainer, founder and creator of the Obut beginners/advanced/competition petanque courses:

Philippe Duchein:

• Has trained over 1000 people 
• All-categories Departmental champion
• Three times Midi-Pyrénées champion
• Winner of over 50 national competitions
• 21 times qualified for the French championships
• Finalist in the Mondial de Millau Doublettes 
• Quarter finalist in La Marseillaise 2021
• Haute-Garonne Triplettes champion 2022
• Haute-Garonne Triplette Mixte champion 2023


OBUT also means our Carré Pétanque restaurant, run by professionals who prepare original, popular dishes 7 days a week. You can be sure of a warm welcome.