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OBUT, since 1955

The brand for petanque boules!


Constantly looking for technical enhancements and technological innovations that will allow us to continue improving the quality of our products, we are making substantial investments in our production facility.
One of our constant concerns is the quality of the service we provide to our customers, and this is one of the key foundations on which our business is built.

Well aware that modernisation is constantly driving change, we intend to continue with our commitment to the environment, and our determination to pursue the Obut adventure and keep rising to the challenges it brings remains intact. 
We have learned, as we all do, from our mistakes, which has allowed us to progress, and we are proud of our successes.
The best of companies, the best commercial strategy, the best machines are of no value without a good team.

This is an opportunity for us to thank all the members of our team at Obut, a team that is resilient, committed, motivated, respects others and always strives to offer the warmest welcome to our visitors at Saint-Bonnet-le-Château and in our shops and the best service to the users of our products.
This new editorial is an opportunity for us to express our gratitude for their commitment to the OBUT brand.


La Boule Obut has been in a constant state of flux ever since the firm was created in 1955. The entire team is always willing to question previous assumptions and rise to a challenge, whether environmental, technical or technological.

Our DNA is profoundly French with our roots in St-Bonnet-le-Château in the Department of Loire.

La Boule Obut's convictions are based on the notions of surpassing oneself, determination and courage, refusing to quit. One of the most important values today is that of respecting the nature all around us. Here at OBUT we try to reflect that in all our daily actions.


One of our priorities is to have the most efficient machinery we can.  That represents a significant, but necessary financial investment that has enabled us to produce boules of irreproachable quality and at the same time make the workers' jobs easier and less arduous. By automating one production line, we have been able to reduce the loads carried by operators by almost 75%. That represents genuine progress in reducing the physical effort needed in the production process.