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We all know there are 60 million national football team coaches in France, but what if there were actually also 60 million petanque fans?

In any case, for 4 generations, we have been doing everything we can to support all those who play petanque, both true fanatics and occasional players.

With a brand new OBUT.COM website, a new patent for the Leisure range, new wooden boules for the little ones and our 100 % customisable boules and pouches, we are doing more for you than ever!

In town or in the country, whether you're playing with friends or facing the world's best, whether you play in the sun or in the moonlight, on a pitch outside a billiards hall or one in quarry, we believe more than ever in #PETANQUEVERYWHERE!

There are numerous surprises in store for 2019 ...

We're willing to bet we'll be coming together for a game of petanque this year.

So see you soon.

Pierre & Romain Souvignet


Men and women with a passion, with different, but complementary profiles, experienced employees and new recruits, all with one shared objective, to prolong the adventure of the Obut brand.

They represent a body of know- how that works non-stop at St Bonnet-Le-Château, thoughtfully developing projects then carefully executing them, so that every player is surprised and satisfied by the quality of our products.

Our Research & Development team develops the exceptional products of the future to meet the expectations of the most demanding of players.

Experienced technicians with different trades work in our pro- duction workshop - forging, welding, machining, polishing, heat treatment, surface treatment - all working to produce an irreproachable end product. Our Shipping department meticulously prepares your packages and, thanks to an unparalleled stock, guarantees you deliveries in record time.

Our Customer Relations team, all specialists in petanque, are here to answer all your queries quickly and precisely, whatever means of communication you use to submit them. Our Carré Pétanque restaurant, run by professionals, prepares original, popular dishes 7 days a week. You are sure of a warm welcome, whether you have come to visit the company or for a corporate seminar./p>

The Boule Obut family also includes the staff who run our shops, as well as our trucks that go out to sporting, cultural, culinary events, etc., both in France and abroad.


    • -2 000 m3 of water used every year thanks to our closed circuit manufacturing and recycling lines.

    • -70% of the chemicals used in two years thanks to our gamble on abandoning chrome-plated steel boules.

    • -12 % of steel wasted each year thanks to our new process patented in 2018 for our "leisure" bowls, which are now made entirely of stainless steel.

    • At the beginning of 2019, some important changes are planned to our product packaging to substantially reduce our plastic waste.
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