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Obut: Clean production in harmony with nature

Our site is located in the country in a beautiful region.
Clean manufacturing has always been a concern of ours. Anticipating future requirements is also an objective that we set ourselves several years ago, and our water treatment station to treat the effluent from our production process was the first step we took.
Obut has been committed to environmental protection for many years.

Now we have moved on to the next level, making changes to our manufacturing process and optimising the management of our effluent: technological tests have validated the replacement of our traditional electrolytic chrome plating process by burnishing, a chrome-free process.

A major step forward in environmental terms occurred in 2019 when we introduced our closed circuit water management system.
Thanks to an evaporation-concentration system, our water consumption has been divided by 20 with zero discharge.

Part of the steel used to make our carbon steel boules is certified for its low carbon footprint.

The steel comes from a circular economy channel, and one of the criteria for selecting suppliers is that they be as close to us as possible.
Our steel is produced using 100% renewable electricity.
The steel bars are produced from recycled scrap metal.



Old production line and water treatment station that did not allow the water to be recycled.

As a manufacturer, we remain fully committed to our environmental policies and we are constantly learning how to better manage our water and energy resources and reduce our carbon footprint, which among other things means optimising our goods transport, because protecting nature means protecting the adventure of Humanity.



Bags manufactured less than 100 km from our factory.

General reduction in the use of paper.

• Origin of the steel we use: Europe
• Stainless steel for competition boules: Ugine, in Savoie
• ArcelorMittal: in France
• Swisse Steel: in Switzerland
• Stainless steel for leisure boules: from Sweden


We only work one day shift.
Acquisition of new, lower energy consumption machinery.

Machinery regulated automatically to avoid electrical overloads and ensure stabler power consumption.

Some examples of commitments