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How to build your petanque pitch

Our recommendations

Before you buy a petanque pitch frame, it is very important to decide on the dimensions you need to practise your favourite sport under the best conditions possible.

• If you play petanque regularly with your friends or family, we recommend you choose our largest mode, "Carré d’Honneur".

• If you want a pitch that's easy to fit in at home, the "P’tit Obut" will meet your requirements perfectly. 

Whichever model of petanque pitch frame you choose, be aware that are several dimensional possibilities for each one.

Discover our models of Obut pitch frame

• Our wooden pitch frames have been developed with a local carpenter based near St Bonnet Le Château.

• Quality pitch frames that are child's play to put together, but also designed for a very attractive look.

• They are made of easy-to-handle pine sections, class 4 autoclave treated, cross section 16 cm x 16 cm, length 155 cm.

• They simply slot together, with no tools, by a special dovetail system.

• We have tried and tested at our petanque events all over France over a period of several years.

The Obut tip
To avoid substantial earthworks and obtain a good quality, easily accessible boules pitch, choose a flat, well-drained area and place your pitch frame directly on the ground.


• Provide drainage for the subgrade with a Ø100 drainage pipe and 10-20 mm gravel.
• Lay a geotextile sheet.
• Then a layer of granite foundation aggregate with 0/31.5 mm crushed stone, thickness: 25 cm.
• Delimit the petanque pitch by laying the treated wood frame.
• Add in several successive layers of 0.8 mm sand, each one 5 cm max.
• Dampen the sand well, level it off and compact with a vibratory plate compactor.

• Two people are recommended to comfortably handle, align and slot the Obut pitch frame sections together. No tools required!

• For the rest of the work (grave, sand, geotextile), here's a list of the tools you'll need: excavator (or mini-excavator), rake, vibratory plate compactor, 10-metre tape measure, wheelbarrow, chalk line.

Of course, you can build your petanque pitch using other materials too, but it is very important that it be well drained to ensure the longevity of the Obut pitch frame. Compact the sand after each layer to make playing petanque even more pleasant.

The time it takes to build your pitch will depend on the size of petanque pitch, whether the ground is plat or sloping, to tools you used (mechanised or not), whether the frame is placed on top of the ground or partly buried, the number of people helping etc.

The essentials you'll need around your pitch

• Remember to get some extra sets of boules for your guests: our stainless steel Leisure boules are ideal. It would be a shame not to be able to inaugurate your new petanque pitch as soon as it's installed.

• If you're planning a birthday party or a family reunion to share some unforgettable moments playing petanque, think to get some personalised boules and jacks for your guests.

• Relax in style after your game in one of our deck chairs. 

• And check out our range of indispensable petanque accessories: everything you need for memorable petanque games.

Extract from the website of the Fédération Internationale de Pétanque
Article 5 – Regulatory pitch
Petanque can be played on any surface. However, by a decision of a committee or a referee, … for national championships and international competitions, the minimum size is: 15 m x 4 m.
For other competitions… dimensions no smaller than 12 m x 3 m.

La Boule Obut hopes you enjoy installing your petanque pitch and wishes you plenty of fun games to come!