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OBUT meets the beacon of positivity, creativity and the joy of sharing that is SmileyWorld, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Our two brands have come together for the occasion and developed a collection with two models of stainless steel leisure petanque boules.

The 100% fun, 100% STAINLESS STEEL petanque boules

We don't know about you, but after all the uncertainty of the last two years we were more than ready for something a bit frivolous. So when we crossed paths with SmileyWorld, the  sunny brand with a positive vibe, there wasn't a moment's hesitation in getting them on board for a joint OBUT adventure that's sure to raise plenty of smiles. 
Display your good cheer loud and clear, with our OBUT x SmileyWorld petanque boules. To keep you smiling - and who knows, maybe bring you luck - as you play, SMILEY has planted its cheery smile on our Dual and Smooth Leisure petanque boules. 
Designed and manufactured at our petanque boules factory in Saint Bonnet le Château, in Loire, France, these OBUT x SmileyWorld boules will soon have you smiling. What could be more likely to put a smile on your face than a get-together over a  game of petanque?
For a chilled game with family or friends, the OBUT x SmileyWorld petanque boules guarantee you a 100% good vibes experience!  

It's all smiles with the latest in personalised petanque boules

When you get your OBUT x SmileyWorld petanque boules, your mates will be green (or yellow?) with envy. Here's how to keep a cheerful grin, even when you're losing! 
Personalise you set of boules and stand out from the crowd: you can have a product that resembles only you!
Choose from two typefaces to engrave your name or initials - and even your nickname if you want!  


How to play smiley petanque?

The first player stands in a circle and throws the jack a distance of 6 to 10 m.
Team 1 throws the first boule aiming to get as close as possible to the jack.
Team 2 throws its boule to place it as close as possible to the jack.
As long as team 2 has not managed to get closer, it continues playing. 
After all the boules have been thrown, one team scores as many points as it has boules closer to the jack than the other team's closest boule. And so on.  
When one team reaches 13 points, they've won!
And whatever the score, a smile is guaranteed