Personalisation the Obut way

How would you like to have a set of custom boules that are instantly recognisable as yours?

With Obut's personalisation service, you can design your own unique boules. Choose the model you prefer, ATX or CX Cou, then chose a style of striation, a label and a logo and you will have your own instantly recognisable set of boules!


And why not go the whole hog?

Treat yourself to an entirely personalised bag as well, for a smart look that's as original as your boules themselves.



100% tailor-made!


Take advantage of our 360° view tool to design your petanque boules and their bag down the smallest detail. Try out an idea, scrub it, start again - give free rein to your imagination!

Personnalisation experience

Discover Obut's new personalisation experience

Personalisable boules

Personalisable bags


A unique engraving


Which you do prefer, the Match +, the Ton’R, the Soleil or the RCC?

Obut personalisation also means custom engraving. It is available on all our boules and on our leather bags. An ideal opportunity to express your style!

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