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Obut RCX new generation boules

High-performance stainless steel for perfectly controlled rebound

Ø 72 to 76 mm
Weight 680 to 710 g

Set of 3 boules
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New Item
Hardness Impact absorber
Steel Special stainless steel - New technology
Appearance Natural stainless steel satin
Balance higher than FIPJP* requirement
Balance compliant with FIPJP* requirement
*Fédération Internationale de Pétanque et Jeu Provençal
  • Garantie 3 ans
  • Label d'homologation en competition


• The stainless steel selected for the OBUT RCX new generation is truly unique, never used before by La Boule Obut. 
• The RCX new generation three-boule set is an innovative, high-performance product that benefits from OBUT's latest technology.
• The impact-absorbing capacity of this boule set, on difficult ground (hard, firm, pebbly) are remarkable, reaching a level never achieved by any other stainless steel model.

What advantages does the OBUT RCX new generation boule set offer?

• The special, new technology stainless steel allows for a very limited rebound.  This means that when it hits another petanque boule, the new OBUT RCX's recoil is very limited.
• The RCX boule stays very close to the playing area, which is an advantage as it obliges the opposing team to play.
• This boule's low rebound and its ability to stay on course on difficult ground are much appreciated by shooters.

• This set's proven impact absorption is an advantage for high lobbing pointers.
• The outstanding feel of the RCX new generation provides control in "lifting the boule". It guarantees a flawless move.

• The surface of the RCX new generation model remains pleasant to the touch, even after several games.
• It will take several games to "run in" this generation set of boules and to be properly able to appreciate the feel of it.

Who is the OBUT RCX new generation boule set aimed at?

• The OBUT RCX new generation set of boules is great for highly demanding players playing on "extreme" petanque pitches.
• It is perfect for attacking players

What does the OBUT RCX new generation ready-to-petanque kit contain?

• A set of 3 OBUT RCX new generation petanque boules approved for competition use by the FIPJP.
• A French-made hornbeam jack engraved with the OBUT name.
• An "OBUT" dust bag made in France made from grey recycled yarn.
• Supplied in a OBUT-branded cardboard box.

How will the OBUT RCX new generation of boules wear?

• Wear on a petanque boule is difficult to explain and compare. It depends on the model, how often you play and on the type of ground and player.
• The wear on the RCX new generation is comparable to that of the impact absorber + hardness ("amorti +") models. It is a fact that after a number of very powerful impacts with other boules, small flat marks will appear on the surface. Scratches will appear if the boules are in contact with pebbly or tarred ground.
• This "hammering" of the boule will not alter its hand grip.

• The OBUT RCX new generation keeps its dimensional properties even after a high number of petanque games.
      • The boule's sphericity is guaranteed.
      • Some loss of weight is normal.
      • The boule remains pleasant to the touch even when worn

OBUT RCX new generation boules are entirely designed and made in France, in St-Bonnet-Le-Château – Loire (42).

FIPJP Approval for use in competition

  • High lobber
    High lobber
  • Difficult terrain
    Difficult terrain
  • On-the-iron-shooter


• Ø 72 to 76 mm.
• Weight 680 to 710 g.
• Hardness: IMPACT ABSORBER + ("AMORTI +")
• Material: special new technology stainless steel
• Finish: natural satin stainless steel 
• Balanced to meet FIPJP requirements
• Special stainless steel: requires only occasional maintenance



• When supplied to the consumer, the OBUT RCX new generation petanque boule has a natural stainless steel satin finish.



• Depending on how intensively it is used, the kind of terrain, ambient humidity, etc., the OBUT RCX new generation will only require a little care and attention after each game and at least once a month if it is not used.

• We recommend using the Obut boule care product.

A tip from Obut: don't leave your set of boules in your car boot, as this can be subject to sudden changes changes in temperature, leading to condensation.
Such significantly damp conditions will be harmful to your boules in the long run, as they can cause oxidation.
So remember to take your boules out of the boot and store them in a dry place indoors.

Evolution de la boule RCX

Comment va s'user le jeu de boules de pétanque OBUT RCX nouvelle génération ?

• L'usure d'une boule de pétanque est difficile à expliquer et à comparer. Elle dépend du modèle, de la fréquence des parties, de la nature des terrains de pétanque et du joueur.
• L'usure du jeu RCX nouvelle génération est comparable aux autres modèles en dureté "amorti +". En effet après des impacts très puissants avec d'autres boules, des petits plats vont apparaitre en surface. Des éraflures sont constatées après contact sur des terrains caillouteux ou goudronneux.
• Le martelage de la boule n'altère pas "la prise en main.

• La boule OBUT RCX nouvelle génération garde ses propriétés dimensionnelles même après un nombre important de parties de pétanque.
      • La sphéricité de la boule est garantie.
      • La perte de poids est normale.
      • Le toucher reste agréable malgré l'usure.