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Display your good cheer on the pitch with the 100% stainless steel Obut x SmileyWorld Dual boules set.

This petanque kit contains all you need to keep you smiling on the pitch :-) :
• 3 Obut x SmileyWorld Dual petanque boules,
• 1 yellow Obut x SmileyWorld jack and a dust bag to protect those lovely smiles. Each boule has the famous Smiley smile on one side and the two logos, OBUT and SMILEY WORLD, on the other.

Set of 3 boules
In stock
Hardness Soft
Steel 100% high quality
Appearance Natural stainless steel satin
  • Garantie 1 an
  • Signature garantie de l'authenticité


• The 100% fun, 100% stainless steel petanque set: the stainless steel Obut Leisure boule is rust-free, but you can't pick it up with a magnet. Ah, but the exercise is good for you ;-).

• A boule set that's just your style: personalise your Obut SmileyWorld Dual boule set so you can pick it out immediately on any pitch. Initials, name, nickname, a text of your choice engraved on each boule in your set by deep engraving, up to 15 characters, spaces included. Off you go!

• The ideal petanque boules for fun with friends or family. Guaranteed smiles whatever their age - from 12 to 99, or more! Everyone will love them!

• 100% good vibes: the best way to guarantee pure fun for all. (* ondes positives)

• Boules that are French-made and environmentally friendly. 100% crafted with authenticity in the OBUT factory in St-Bonnet-le-Château, Loire, France.

• Just like its big brothers, the yellow Obut SmileyWorld jack has a Smiley visual on one side and the two logos, Obut and SmileyWorld, on the other.

• This product is not approved for use in competitions.

  • Over age 12
    Over age 12
  • Moments of fun an relaxation
    Moments of fun an relaxation


• 100% stainless steel Obut petanque boules.
• Natural stainless steel satin finish.
• Ø ≥ 73 mm.
• Weight ≥ 620 g.
• Hardness: Soft

Obut SmileyWorld Dual petanque boules are all the same diameter and a standard weight, making them suitable for the hands and strength of both sexes and all ages from 12 years.

Real traditional product defined by 4 essential quality and safety criteria:
● Type of material: 100% stainless steel.
● Hollow boules, with no foreign bodies inside.
● The same weight for all the boules in the same set.
● Sphericity and balance.

Obut stainless steel Leisure boules, which are not allowed in competitions.


How to look after your Obut SmileyWorld Dual petanque boules?

Obut x SmileyWorld Dual leisure petanque boules require a little care and attention after each game and at least once a month if they are not used.

A few basic rules to follow to take the best care of your Obut SmileyWorld boule set:

How to store your petanque boules?

Don't leave your Obut SmileyWorld Dual boules in your car boot! They'll keep their smile, but they won't like the sharp variations in temperature that create condensation and can lead to oxidation. So remember to bring them indoors and put them away in a dry place.

How to take care of your 3-boule set?

At Obut we have thought of everything. So that keeping your boules in the best possible condition is not a chore, we've created an easy-to-use product. Apply this easy-to-use spray once month and your Obut SmileyWorld boules will be covered by a protective film that preserves the alloy. Ultra bright smile guaranteed. *

*un sourire d’un brillant parfait