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Obut Valentine's Day boules

Declare your love in petanque

100% stainless steel leisure petanque boules
Ready-to-petanque kit!
Petanque boules with a natural stainless steel satin finish.
Ø ≥ 73 mm.
Weight ≥ 620 g





Set of 3 boules
In stock
Limited edition
Hardness Soft
Steel 100% high quality
Appearance Natural stainless steel satin
  • Garantie 1 an
  • Signature garantie de l'authenticité


  • Valentine's Day limited edition: a petanque boules kit that'll make you lucky in love as well as in petanque.  
  • Personalise your Obut Valentine's Day petanque boules for instant recognition on the pitch. Give your better half unique petanque boules by having them personalised. Initials, name, nickname or the text of your choice are engraved on each of the boules in your triplet through classic deep engraving of up to 15 characters (including spaces). 
  • Both sides of the boule have asymmetrical inscriptions (OBUT logo + MADE IN France), with the Valentine's Day motif on the opposite side. If you want to personalise your triplet, engraving is done on the opposite side of the Valentine's Day motif. 
  • Obut petanque boules are 100% stainless steel, requiring only occasional maintenance.
  • The environmental impact of the manufacturing process is minimised by eliminating the chemical surface protection (chrome coating). This is an Obut® patented technology.
  • These "Valentine's Day" boules are designed for casual petanque with family or friends. Obut Saint Valentin's stainless steel boules have a unique diameter and a standard weight, making them suitable for hands and strengths of all sexes, from 12 years old and up.
  • This ready-to-play kit includes a set of three Valentine's Day petanque boules, a boxwood jack engraved with the OBUT love motif, a temporary OBUT silk-screened storage bag (which leaves you free to choose your own bag later on) and a warranty card. 
  • These "Valentine's Day" pétanque boules are not authorised for competition.
  • Due to the specific composition of the stainless steel used in their manufacture, Obut stainless steel leisure boules cannot be lifted with a magnet.
  • 100% of Obut's "Valentines Day" boules are designed and manufactured in Saint Bonnet-le-Château, France, with a focus on sustainable development, eco-design and environmental protection.


  • Over age 12
    Over age 12
  • Moments of fun an relaxation
    Moments of fun an relaxation
  • Polyvalent


  • Obut 100% stainless steel petanque boules.
  • Natural satin stainless steel finish.
  • Ø ≥ 73 mm.
  • Weight ≥ 620 g.
  • Hardness: Soft

Valentine's Day stainless steel boules have a unique diameter and a standard weight, making them suitable for hands and strengths of all sexes, from 12 years old and up

A genuine traditional product defined by four essential quality and safety criteria:

  • Material: 100% (stainless) steel
  • Hollow boule, no foreign body inside
  • Consistent weight between boules of the same set
  • Sphericity and balance.

These petanque boules are not authorised for competition.



Depending on whether they're used intensively or not, the nature of the pitch they're played on, the ambient humidity, etc., in order to limit oxidation, stainless steel Valentine's Day boules require maintenance after each game and at least once a month when they're not being used.



Even when stored under ideal conditions, maintaining Obut Valentine's Day boules requires use of a specific product. The maintenance product developed by Obut meets this requirement.
Applied once a month, it adds a protective film to your Valentine's Day boules and perfectly preserves the integrity of the alloy in addition to keeping your leisure boules perfectly shiny.
And because the maintenance of your Valentine's Day pétanque boules shouldn't be a chore, Obut's maintenance product (spray) is easy and ready to use. It's also formulated to respect the environment and, of course, the user.


A little tip regarding the Obut Boule: Don't leave your Obut petanque boules in the boot of your car, as it can experience sudden temperature fluctuations which lead to condensation.
In the long run, humidity is detrimental to your Valentine's Day boules, as it promotes oxidation.
So remember to take your Obut petanque boules out of the boot of your car and store them in a dry place indoors.