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Wooden junior petanque boules

Now you can play petanque like mum and dad with the Obut set of striated wooden boules and ready-to-petanque kit

How do you play petanque?
You can play 1 against 1, or make teams with your friends to play 2 against 2 or even 3 against 3 with Obut striated wooden petanque boules.!

The first team throws the Obut jack and then takes the first turn throwing its first Obut petanque boule. Then it's the other team's turn to throw their petanque boule. The team whose boule is furthest from the jack plays again until they get nearer the jack

When nobody has any Obut boules left, you count up all the boules belonging to one team that are closer to the jack than the closest of the opposing team's boules.

The aim of the game in petanque: to be the first team to reach 13 points and win the game.

  1. Ma triplette strie 1
    Set of 3 boules
  2. Ma triplette strie 2
    Set of 3 boules
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