We ship your orders all over the world !

A philosophy of quality from the outset

Our permanent quest for quality products that perform better and better will see the arrival of new innovative, high tech facilities.

One of our constant concerns is the quality of the service we provide to our customers, and this is one of the key foundations on which our business is built.


All Obut boules combine innovation and technology, to the satisfaction of occasional players as well as champions.

We are constantly looking for technical enhancements we can make and technological innovations that will allow us to continue improving the quality of our products. We are making substantial investments in our production facility.

A whole process has been set up to ensure the products perform better and are of higher quality than ever:

• Specifications for suppliers of raw materials.
•  Compliance with procedures.
•  The latest technologies.
•  Through and continual quality controls.
•  Committed staff.
•  Traceability.
•  Maintaining approvals (F.I.P.J.P.).
•  Quality of the environment (waste water treatment, etc.).

We hold:

• 3 Packaging Oscars for cleverly designed mass retail packaging, pioneering the fight against shrinkage.
• The EPV label: a "living heritage firm".


Substantial stock

2,000 tonnes of steel a year are used to make 200,000 boules per month in our factory at St-Bonnet-le-Château in Loire, France, enabling us to maintain a stock of 70,000 3-boule sets.

100% OBUT personalisation

Our know-how in personalising petanque boules is widely recognised, but it also applies to our other products. Whether you wish to add a name, a message or a logo, we can guarantee it will be exactly the same on each petanque boule, jack or bag.

Expert advice from our petanque specialists

A hotline at Saint-Bonnet-le-Château in Loire!

A team of men and women who share a passion for petanque on hand to advise customers.

The entire Obut offer in our shops!

From petanque boules to accessories to clothes to gift cards, it's all there.
Drop in and see!

Obut also comes to you!

All year round, our experienced staff come out to help you pep up your sports events and give advice to competitors.

Seminar facilities

Are you looking for an inspiring place that lends itself to collaboration for your meetings?

Our team of professionals offers unlimited services to help you bring together, build loyalty and motivate those who contribute to the success of your business on the home site of the world's leading petanque boule manufacturer.

We have 3 meeting rooms:

The Pagnol room: seats 55 in a quiet room with all the equipment you need.
The Le Cercle room: seats 20 in a lecture layout.
The Borély room: seats 12 in cosy, creative space.

A restaurant, the Carré Pétanque Obut

Here for the food or for the petanque? For the view or for the setting?
For all of it, of course!

A drink with friends?
A meal for two?
A business lunch?

The Carré Pétanque Obut serves delicious modern cuisine. The talent of the Chef and his team will surprise you!

Petanque pitches

7 pitches are available. Come for lunch with friends and have a game or join one of our courses to improve your skills with a professional coach.
Relaxation and conviviality guaranteed!

An adventure for all ages

Learn all there is to know and become an expert in petanque at L’Aventure Obut, on the actual production site of our 100% French boules!

Come with your family or friends and enjoy a day out in Saint-Bonnet-le-Château! Whether it's to buy an Obut product, enjoy a game or have a meal, you are sure to be won over!