Secure payment

For the transmission of your personal information and bank data, you benefit from the optimum security system introduced by La Boule Obut s.a.s.: Verisign's SSL encryption system Vérisign

 When you begin your transaction, a padlock or key symbol will appear.
The address becomes  ("s" stands for secure).

The information is encrypted, therefore protected before it is transferred on the Internet: no-one can spy on it and no-one can interfere with the communications.
So giving your credit card number on httpS:// is risk-free. No credit card numbers are stored at Obut.
You confidential data is encrypted before being sent, directly on the
Braintree is an international Internet payment organisation, with banking connectivity at worldwide, with over 25,000 e-traders in 35 countries and managing a wide range of international and local means of payment.

As soon as your payment is confirmed, Braintree sends you an acknowledgment of your transaction.

You are therefore immediately reassured!

Visa Et Fevad Mastercard payment processed by OgonePayPal

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