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The Classique

A petanque pitch at home: a dream that's easy to make come true - and so easy to install, the parts just slot together like a puzzle. No tools needed.
It is not possible to dismantle the assembled parts.

• 14 numbered dovetailed pieces made of brown autoclave treated pine.
• 1 grey brushed stainless steel Obut plate, already fastened on.

This product, 100% made in France, was designed by a local tradesman based near the OBUT factory in Saint-Bonnet-le-Château in Loire, France.

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• Would you like to share fun times with family and friends, show your customers a good time or just get in some practice? Assemble by hand, no tools needed!Montage à la main, pas besoin d'outils !
• This autoclave treated wooden pitch frame allows you to create a modular petanque pitch. The perfect opportunity to share unforgettable moments with friends and family …


• Can be used on different types of surface: earth, concrete, grass,… just placed on the surface or semi-buried for more stability.


The "P'tit Obut" petanque pitch frame kit contains:
• 14 easy-to-slot-together dovetailed pieces made of brown autoclave treated pine.
Queue d'aronde
Dimensions of each piece : L 155 cm x W 16 cm x D 16 cm.


• 1 grey brushed stainless steel Obut plate, already fastened on.

• Modular pitch you can adjust to your environment and your whim
9.16 x 1.81 m  or  7.64 x 3.34 m  or  6.12 x 4.86 m*

* Outside dimensions (Length x width).

Ready to get started on assembling your pitch?

Download the assembly instructions.

How to build your petanque pitch


• Autoclave treated wooden pitch frame 100% made locally, near La Boule Obut in Loire, France.
• Autoclave treated timber is the durable material par excellence.
• The autoclave impregnation process protects wood against external aggression and the rigours of the climate.
• It corresponds to a class 4 treatment and guarantees you a service life of 10 years.
• The pieces of wood are impregnated after they are cut to size to guarantee last protection of all the worked parts.
• Autoclave treated pine is the ideal species for class 4 uses as it is highly impregnable (i.e. capable of absorbing a wood preservative).
• It is treated locally by a carpenter based near the La Boule Obut site in St Bonnet-Le-Château, Loire in a regulated, controlled and rigorously monitored facility.
• The wood that comes out of the autoclave meets all the applicable standards.
• It meets all the essential requirements in terms of health and safety, as well as respecting the environment.



• Complete pitch frame delivered on a palette to the door of your house, building, restaurant, etc.
• On receipt, please check the pitch frame (instructions enclosed and available online).

The installation and assembly of the pitch frame on the petanque are is not included in the price.
Any earthmoving work and supplies of extra materials (geotextile sheets, gravel, sand, etc.) to build your petanque pitch with maximum drainage are the responsibility of the customer.

• We guarantee our autoclave treated wooden pitch frames for 10 years provided they are placed on the ground only (on the surface or semi-buried), with drainage of the soil and not in a permanently damp place.
• La Boule Obut may not be held liable for any damage due to incorrect assembly of the pieces or earthworks that cause damage to the wood. If such circumstances, the warranty would not apply.
• It is not possible to dismantle the assembled parts.


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