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60 years, is
to celebrate!

For Asterix's 60th birthday, OBUT has teamed up with France's favourite comic characters to bring you an amazing box set...

The Obut x Asterix Prestige Box Set

The two brands have teamed up to tell the story of a longstanding French favourite when it comes to inter-generational fun. For the adventures of Asterix and Obelix are passed down from father to son and mother to daughter, like an inheritance; that's not so different to petanque, another fun activity that can be shared by everyone, all the members of the family, whatever their age. Intended for the greatest fans and collectors, only 60 of these unique numbered box sets are available!.

Just what I want!

An exceptional set of boules

Each boule in the Obut x Asterix Prestige Box Set is engraved with the greatest of care in our workshops. Using a technology borrowed from the watch-making industry, to guarantee the greatest of precision, we have been able to reproduce the artist's lines and achieve an extraordinary result. And as you'll see, the luxury gold-coloured finish sets the tone perfectly!

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60 numbered box sets made in France, two legendary brands, one shared passion: the French sense of fun.

A special, hand-sewn pouch

Inspired by the indomitable Gauls' sandals, the leather pouch in the Obut x Asterix Prestige Box Set was designed by a talented craftsman and artist. Using natural materials of the highest quality, he has put all his skill into producing the ideal protective cocoon for the boules and their jack. 

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