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Obut x Asterix Prestige Box Set

The Irréductibles Pétanqueurs (Indomitable Petanque Players) set - 60 numbered sets only

Box contains three engraved petanque boules, four jacks and a hand-sewn leather pouch

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Limited edition of 60 numbered sets.
• They come in a special box with a booklet. Dimensions 370 x 200 x 100 mm.
• Engraved steel petanque boules with a luxury gold finish.
• 4 wood jacks, including one painted wood jack.
• Hand-sewn pouch designed by craftsmen, made of French leather tanned with powdered leaves mixed with water.
• The entire contents of the box were designed in the Loire in line with the principles of sustainable development, eco-design and environmental protection.
• Boules suitable for any style of play and surface.
• "Soft-touch" stainless steel.

• These boules are not allowed in competitions.
• Due to the specific composition of the stainless steel used in their fabrication, the balls of the Obut Loisir line cannot be lifted with a magnet.

When you buy your Obut x Asterix Prestige Box Set, you automatically become a member of the Club des Irréductibles Pétanqueurs (Indomitable Petanque Players' Club).

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