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Collector's 5 jack box

A magnificent set with guaranteed success!

1 wooden box for 5 jacks Ø30 mm.
5 decorated boxwood jacks Ø30 mm, approved for use in competitions.
Made in the Jura (France)

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  • Box 125 x 125 x 45 mm in lime wood.
  • Metal hinges and catch.
  • Vintage OBUT logo engraved on the birch finish plywood lid.
  • 5 decorated boxwood jacks Ø30mm, approved for use in competitions, on a natural MDF base.
  • Sold individually.

Our box is made from LIME, a fine natural wood.
Our jacks are crafted in a fine natural wood, namely BOX.
Because it is a living material, it may show some imperfections and roughness on the surface.