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Set of 20 Obut gusseted tote bags

Attractive, practical, durable and environmentally friendly

Dimensions: H 41 cm x L 30 cm x W 10 cm
Materials: 100% recycled cotton and polyester

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• Vintage OBUT La Boule logo on both sides.
• Durable stitched handles.
• Woven and 100% made in France, in our own Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region.
• This bag is 100% recyclable in France.
• Responsible production: 100% green energy weaving.
• Woven, not printed, chemical-free patterns.
• Woven using the eco-designed jacquard technique. The patterns are durable and high quality.
• Holds a maximum of 15 kg for normal use.
• 3 kg of CO2 saved per bag, compared to those imported from China or India.
• Hand washing and air drying recommended.